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Narrowcast CRM Alpha has launched

Narrowcast CRM Alpha Launch

We’re very excited to announce that we have just launched the Alpha version of Narrowcast CRM. This version is essentially a re-skin of Fubra’s current support system, with the aim of making it a proper CRM.

If you’re a member of the public you can sign up, set up some test projects, forward your emails, reply, create templates and perform a wide range of actions. We know it’s far from perfect but we’re rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in to fixing all the bugs as well as improving the functionality and features.

So… What is Narrowcast all about?

Narrowcasting is all about centering your customer support, marketing and communications around the individual and their identity, rather than mass audiences. In addition to this, Narrowcast aims to reduce untargeted, irrelevant advertising through the segmentation of audiences based on what you know about them.

A business will need three things to be able to Narrowcast.

1. A way to collect data and build a single view for each of your customers. This simply means that all the information a businesses knows about a customer is brought together into a single, unified profile that shows the entire picture as opposed to this data being scattered all over different departments within the business, let alone different databases, systems or apps.

2. A way to segment their users based on the data they have in their single customer view, narrowing them down from a mass audience into target groups.

3. A way to actually deliver messages. Whether it’s following-up on existing customers or marketing and advertising a new product or service you want to sell, you’ll need a way to dispatch emails to those relevant groups.

Narrowcast CRM is a more evolved version of Fubra’s current support system which was built in-house several years ago and has been used internally since. The Narrowcast application we are currently developing will allow businesses to collect data about their customer through the 1-on-1 conversations they are having with them.

Narrowcast CRM will have the capability to be the single tool a business needs to manage conversations with customers, whether it’s a support ticket, a tweet, a sales opportunity or a link request, and aggregate all this customer interaction data into a single profile.

If eager to try it feel free to sign up to access Narrowcast Alpha. Your feedback is invaluable and will help immensely to get the Beta version done. Thanks!

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